Aesthetics play a huge role in Instagram. If that is entirely the case, the retro feel you get from Polaroid Originals OneStep+ will probably give you everything. There is almost no need for additional filters as the camera itself has a beautiful trademark in terms of colors and tones. However, it lacks convenience in terms

The best camera for video doesn’t necessarily need to offer that bombastic resolution. If that’s your case, then the 8K video resolutions of Canon EOS R5 and Sony A1 might please you. However, it is important to be aware of the caveats of 8K cameras: overheating. This results in limited time recording capabilities of such

While there a lot of devices now capable of capturing videos, there is still one device that can do this work efficiently: video cameras. That, of course, depends on their features and quality. That is why scrutiny of your options is a vital step to take to make sure you’ll get nothing but smooth video…