Many companies around the world use Java to build enterprise-grade products for their business. Java is one of the most popular and go-to programming languages. However, Senior and experienced Java developers might be really hard to find these days and are always in demand. Companies in the US struggle to fill Java positions, compete with technology giants for talent and often lose when it comes to employee retention. The solution – outsourcing Java development to an external vendor.

Java Overview

Java is a multi-platform language for programming and computing environments. It is fast, reliable, and secure. Java has also grown from modest beginnings to power a significant portion of today’s digital world. Java has emerged as the industry standard. Over 7.1 million Java programmers are working around the world to create upcoming industry-standard applications. 

What is special about Java, and what are its benefits? 

There are several benefits that Java offers that distinguish it from other technologies: 

  • Java developers and programmers choose Java thanks to its human-readable format
  • Java is also platform independent and can operate in different computer types if the computer has installed a Java Runtime Environment. 
  • An object-oriented language factor also distinguishes Java from other technologies. Due to Java objects’ lack of references to external data, the code is incredibly robust. 
  • Although the language is regarded as being fairly q, it comes with a series of classes that provide frequently used functions that the majority of java programs will not work without. 
  • A class library and Java API are integral parts of the latter. In reality, mastering the Java API presents a real learning curve. 
  • Although the language only contains 50 keywords, the Java API offers thousands of classes and tens of thousands of methods that you can use in your applications. 

Why Outsource your Java Software Development?

One of the biggest benefits for software companies is the use of Java development services, which provides companies with the possibility to continue growing and upgrading. Java has built all types of network applications creating, that way several mobile applications, games, web content as well as enterprise software. Up to date, outsourcing makes up at least 70% of the value of the IT sector market. Java outsourcing development generates more jobs that help both large and small enterprises. 

So considering the beneficial factors, there are several reasons why outsourcing Java Software Development can be a real life-saver sometimes: 

  • To save costs: Several features, including the scale of projects’ combination of languages, are variables that may affect the cost of development projects. Overall, hiring software developers from different continents other than the North American one has become more valued. This means in-house senior java developers in the US cost three times as much as those in Asia or Latin America. The costs could change from region to region, including Latin America and Eastern Asia, where both show an estimated difference in costs that tend to be lower than in the US and Europe. 
  • To fill in expertise gaps: Another reason why outsourcing is recommended is that expertise deficits, which could also be translated as the deficit of working developers in the area.   There aren’t enough candidates available to apply their experience because there are huge corporations. In California, for example, they have hired, if not all, most of the available Java developers. 
  • To go to market faster: Outsourcing is also helpful to help go into the market a lot faster. In contrast, software firms have a group of engineers who are available immediately. The company assigns them having them on board, and that way, cutting the ramp-up period to a few weeks, two or three times faster. This includes long interview procedures and test tasks for about a month or so, and that way, the employee is ready to transfer to the proper position, has the proper training, and is completely onboard. 
  • To have better quality assurance: Companies that outsource Java development have the benefit of having full access to skilled programmers who have the proper knowledge about industry trends and experience in developing enterprise-level applications. The idea is for companies to interact with knowledgeable experts from around the globe through software development. In addition, there is a staff that will provide more experience and knowledge with the purpose of improving the desired outcomes. In fact, what outsourcing companies like Waverley do is offer Java applications of the highest quality. 

Where to look for Java engineers

Outsourcing Java developers demand a lot of attention to detail as looking for the proper developer is a task that has to be carefully done. Finding the right candidate is a crucial phase those who are looking to outsource have to go through. Therefore, doing the proper research is important, and for that reason, there are requirements that the person or company outsourcing must understand first. Looking in the right places and listing the possible companies will also help the outsourcing process. 

There are numerous freelancers on websites such as Upwork and Toptal. However, hiring an outsourcing company is a more reliable and stable option, as freelancers are often out of reach, and rarely sign any papers, thus threatening your code security and intellectual property rights. Thanks to modern education, Java developers can be found in many countries of the world. However – several regions have earned a reputation for being top outsourcing destinations. The regions are Asia (China, India, Philippines, Vietnam), LatAm (Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia), and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Ukraine, etc.).

Things to pay attention to when hiring Java engineers

Outsourcing for a good Java developer has to be followed by a few key factors. 

  1. The reputation of the Java development company: Verifying the company’s reputation is key. The best way to search for a company with Java experience is by doing a google search to check the reviews about the company. If reviews or testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, then it’s a solid indication that the company is reliable and worthwhile. 
  2. The level of experience using Java: There is major importance when outsourcing to a good and reliable partner when it comes to the experience they have. Java development engineers have to have knowledge about the language and should be capable of assisting properly at the moment of creating the desired apps and other products.  
  3. The support they offer: Another additional factor is the support that the development company and its engineers offer. It’s crucial that they have the possibility to assist in case of difficulties. Engineers will provide assistance during and after the development part of the project. Additionally, they ought to be receptive to your queries and worries. 


Java software development outsourcing can be a real game-changer for companies who find it difficult to recruit & retain high-quality Java engineers in-house and don’t want to risk their security working with freelancers. To be successful, companies have to carefully approach the selection process, evaluate the vendor’s reputation and experience, and establish relationships with the company and the team.