Calling all designers, engineers, and would-be sketching aficionados! Grab your drawing sticks because Inktober 2017 has officially kicked off! For those of you not familiar with Inktober the short story is that it’s a 31-day drawing challenge created by a guy name Jake Parker back in 2009. His aim was/is to inspire creatives to improve their drawing skills and to have fun doing so! Have a look at his video for the full scoop.

YouTube video

If you’re thinking about taking on the 31-day Inktober challenge but not sure where to start or what to draw. Here is the official 2017 Inktober Prompt List. Use these words as thought starters for your daily sketch time.

Now this is not the first time I’ve sounded the call to be ready at a moment’s notice to lay down some ink. My Got Your Sketch On? post touched on the annual Inktober event. In addition, I highlighted Shapie markers and how versatile they are for marker art and sketching. This time I call attention a Copic markers the premium inking marker.

Given my ID and ENG focus I plan to concentrate on sketching to improve how to convey product mfg. detailing and perhaps products in use. I’ll pull inspiration from the prompt list as needed/desired to kickstart each sketch session then see where things go from there.

I’ll be posting my Inktober sketches on my @skillcoach Instagram page. Feel free to take a peek.  Also, at the end of the month, I’ll be pulling together a sketch gallery to share in a Solidsmack Inktober wrap-up post. I’d be delighted to include some reader-generated sketches. To participate hop over to Instagram and be sure to use #skillcoach plus #inktober2017 on your post.

Happy sketching! – SkillCoach



Vince has worked as Studio Engineer for consumer and medical product brands such as Whirlpool, Newell and ResMed Ltd. Australia. He's garnered 39+ patents and has designed everything from totes to toasters, and fiddles to furniture. He enjoys all things 3D and has carved out a niche as a Class-A Surfacing Guru. Active in both industry and academia, Vince serves as a Creative and Technical Skill Development Coach providing hands-on training and workshops pertaining to CAID/CAD. Vince relishes opportunities to keep learning and sharing what he's learned!