Not that they would copy your idea, but yeah, Nike totally ganked the idea you had of replacing yourself with a 21 meter sculpture of yellow balls.

Nike strung the massive structure from the ceiling of the Carlton Centre atrium in Johannesburg, South Africa for the last few weeks of the FIFA Worldcup. Designed by Ratcliffe Fowler Design, it used 5,500 footballs, is 21 meters high, uses over 6 miles of cable and weighs a whopping 4.75 tons. After the final game, it will be dismantled and the balls given to the community.

To make it they used the 3D scan of an athlete, then used the cable to attach and line up the balls in space. (Kinda like the kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum.) It took three weeks to assemble the spheroid strung footballer. Here are the shots.

Via Slamxhype


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