Last week 3DVia started shooting broadcast signals out it’s eyes straight into your cerebral cortex. For some this may be disturbing, for others that use 3DVia products, it may be a long awaited resource for video on using them.

3DVia is part of the Dassault family, to which Catia and SolidWorks also belong. 3Dvia has a few products of their own that are pushing the bounds of what’s possible with 3D online and offline. So why the new site? David Laubner in Product Marketing had this to say.

3DVia TV is our “online video channel” for all things 3DVIA. That is the more corporate response. The more practical and straightforward option…Video is becoming one of the top ways users learn. We needed a central location to help our users learn how to use our product and services and ask questions both from us and other users. Having a dedicated video site makes it an easier way for our users at all levels to discover and access all of the content that we have and will produce.

So far there are 4 channels that hit on the 3DVia product line – Composer, Shape and VirTools with Cliff Medling throwing out his own randomness. You can also follow 3DVia on Twitter and if you’re at SIGGRAPH this week, they have booth #3009.

Here’s a sample video showing how to use sketch points in 3DVia Shape 3.0.


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