sw-world-08presentations.jpgIf you’re wondering why the presentations to SolidWorks World 2008 haven’t been made available to the public, here’s the answer… I have no freakin’ idea.

But, you can download them all now and you don’t need top double secret access. Matt Lombard has put all 1.3GB on his site, so time to get a drink from the fire hose.

Oh, instead of crashing his server, maybe have one guy take the day and download them all. There’s a bunch.

UPDATE: Right now some of the post are still up, but SolidWorks did request that he remove the link. My opinion is that SolidWorks totally missed a chance to capitalize on providing content for the users. They could have easily gained access to a focused group of SolidWorks users by making the content available immediately after the conference and could have provided even more incentive to go to future events.


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