SolidWorks for Inventor

In response to the post about The Vital Key to an Organized SolidWorks Team, one of our readers, Kyle Mason, sent a response about his experience at college where Inventor is really pushed.

I have [created a Reg file for Inventor users] to make SolidWorks a little more “Inventor friendly.” I am going to college right now and… I made these settings to help some of my fellow classmates out because most of the students don’t know how powerful SolidWorks is. It is on the tools section of my website. There is a direct link to the .sldreg [settings file] and also a Word document with the keyboard shortcuts. The .sldreg file sets up the toolbars, buttons and things like that to make everything look like Inventor, however I still can’t figure out how to make the middle mouse button pan instead of rotate. That is the leading complaint that my friends have about using SolidWorks. They are so used to Autocad and Inventor where the mmb is pan.
arrow-down.png Download Here

What version of SolidWorks was this done in?
The .sldreg file was created in SolidWorks 2006. Settings will copy over though when you upgrade to a newer version.

What about the Middle Mouse Button/Scroll wheel?
You would need a programmable mouse to set the middle mouse button to pan. If you use a regular mouse you won’t be able to, but if you hold Ctrl down while pressing the Middle mouse button everything will pan.

Thanks for making this Kyle and for helping out your classmates. You may have saved them from a painful future of continued Inventor usage. Your experience shows how useful having the right settings for each situation can be. I think a reg file like this would be something helpful for SolidWorks to package with the product as well.


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