Ladies and gentlemen, put on your handlebar mustaches, leather chaps and prepare to tankslap your mind with hardtail modeling happiness.

Renowned designer and SolidWorks user Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn from Eindhoven, Netherlands has exactly what you’re looking for, if what you’re looking for is a SolidWorks Chopper Tutorial… but, sweet giblets, it’s way more than a tutorial. He’s got it split up for level of difficulty and includes rendering settings, graphics and a rendering tutorial to do the bar hopper up right.

Jan-Willem is an accomplished automotive designer currently working in the Netherlands. He’s created cars, yachts and motorcycles using SolidWorks and now passes his knowledge on to you. If you have questions you can learn more here. The tutorial is 49 Euros ($67) and from what I can tell so far, after purchasing it myself, is it’s worth every penny, plus some.

If you simply want to pretend you downloaded it or have a reminder to download it soon, you can get some free wallpapers to adorn your simple desktop.

Thanks to Rob Wolkers for sending this in!!


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