When a girl is applying that special shade of chemical-infused eye-liner to their lids, the last thing going through their heads is all the science and incredible amounts of process that go into it. Unless they’re a girl in science… or interested in science… or forced by their parents to watch sciency videos on making your own eyeliner so as to save a few bucks. Girls just don’t get enough credit–or have enough resources–when it comes to science and technology. Now, there’s a new STEM site to put the kibosh on that.



For Girls in Science

For Girls in Science is put together by L’Oréal, the makers of purfumes and cosmetics, but don’t let that discourage you. There’s a bit of science that goes into the concoctions they make that women smear on their face and they’re bringing that realization to the glittery, girly-girl generation with a resource that’s more knowledge-building than it is brand-building. They have a some great resources from career and salary information to a collection of summer camps specifically for girls interested in STEM subjects.

They also have the occasional competition, with the current contest asking girls “Why is STEM cool to you?” The winning video entry gets a $2500 prize, a 16GB tablet and $500 worth of L’OREAL beauty products, which may just be one tube of lipstick for all I know. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Are there any other great resources that you know of specific for girls interested in STEM subjects?


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