supplier-source-logo.jpgDassault Systemes in association with a stellar team of SolidWorks employees and community folk have launched SupplierSource Beta to give you access to a community of manufacturers.

SupplierSource is being developed to provide a simple yet powerful network for the custom service manufacturing industry. Our mission is to connect buyers with suppliers in a whole new way – through the reviews and recommendations of other users just like you.

The site already has a well populated set of manufacturers although the photos, which would add a little flare, lack. I need to find a thermoforming group for acrylics. I do a search and get 9 suppliers sorted by relevance with an overview of feedback, reviews and who’s saved their info for each.

The interface is slick, minimal and easy to use. In fact, it looks a lot like No harm in that, it a great model. Anyone can create a profile on SupplierSource, but it’s definitely catered toward the production companies. Once you publish your company profile, you’ll be able to see quantity and type of views and reviews your profile has had.

There are no personal profiles, although that or a link to your LinkedIn profile would be nice if you’re someone just seeking manufacturers. That would give it more of a community appeal. Just like EBay doesn’t only have Sellers. Regardless, it’s off to a good start.

Devon Sowell broke the news at his site and also has some feedback from Don Swavely of SolidWorks Corporate who will gladly take your feedback on the site.



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