Running any form of business that revolves around manufacturing can be challenging – especially for small businesses with limited resources and bandwidth.

While a well-organized team and sufficient capital investment are a great starting point, challenges ranging from project management and client relations to asset management and billing can be just as tough to wrangle no matter what size a business is. For many, automating these challenges in order to focus on the actual product sounds like a dream come true – and MakerOS by Manulith is not only making this a reality, they’re doing it in the most seamless and versatile way possible.

MakerOS is an end-to-end business management platform that allows maker-focused businesses to manage their clients through a Cloud-based setup, which makes collaboration with both internal teams and clients dead-simple. Features of the platform range from starting new projects and work orders to actually getting paid, with everything in between accounted for – but it doesn’t just stop there; the OS is also capable of presenting real-time feedback through live performance metrics.

In addition to the valuable toolkit, the white-label MakerOS also sports an impressive pricing model: they only get paid when you get paid, there are no setup costs or monthly costs, and they only receive a small percentage of each transaction that happens through the software.


“MakerOS is the most accessible business management platform for people and businesses who make things, it sets the standard for the future of manufacturing processes,” says MakerOS developer Mike Moceri.

“With our platform, we made a stellar cloud based business management tool, made it incredibly easy to use, and made it absurdly affordable. The typical process for a 3D printing service provider to get paid and actually carry out an order can take weeks, MakerOS can reduce that pipeline down to a day or minutes while significantly lowering operating costs.”


In simple terms, if you’re looking to open a 3D printing or other maker-focused business and wish to sail through the process of doing so, MakerOS is your way to go. For those interested, the company is currently offering an early beta sign-up option.

(Feature Image via WonderEight)