Know what you need to learn this weekend? How to rig and animate a flippin’ drone, that’s what. And SolidSmack’s very own Lauren Thomas will show you how.

Dynamic Products is a short tutorial series that is perfect for a weekend of ignore all your other responsibilities so you can come out the other side and say, “LOOK AT THIS SHIZZLE.”

The tut takes a fast but serviceable run through the basics of rigging and animation inside of *drumroll* MODO, that wonderfully powerful, polygonal, polyphonic, polyriffic modeling software. If you’re a NURBy gnome who isn’t down with polygons, well… FOR SHAME–however, this training will be PERFECT for you to OD on the MO D… O. MODO allows you to import models from nearly any other CAD software and the workflow taught in Dynamic Products is perfect if you need to breathe a lil’ life into your product visuals, no matter what modeling software you’re coming from.

The series starts slow if you’ve never touched the software before, eases into it with a few small projects, and then dives into a larger rigging and animation project where Lauren walks you through a quadcopter rig setup. BONUS! All of the assets seen in the trailer are included with the training–fully textured and ready to go.

Pick up her training for only 40 bones here and make it this weekend’s project.

YouTube video


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