If you’ve done any character sketching or modeling, you’ve likely used one of those poseable wooden figurines to frustrate you enough to eke out something that looks mostly human. It’s just a reference but, as you know, bodies are different sizes and shapes. So, what if you had a web app to pose up all the possibilities?

JustSketchMe is a web-based app to create and pose 3D character models. But they go one step further and allow you to download the 3D model. From there, you can use it as a reference inside your 3D modeling software or 3D print the model for your own little army of flexible figures.

There are currently nine free character options including Male, Female, Male Teen, Female Teen, Male Tween, Female Tween, Child, and Baby.

Options include a dark mode, ambient and spot light adjustment, with toggles for hard shadows, outlines, and floor grid.

With a Premium $9/month subscription you get nine other premium character options including Realistic Male and Female, Muscular Male and Female, Anime Male and Female, Chibi, Dog, and a Cat.

Along with that subscription, you also get a pose library with 50+ different poses that can be applied to each, a hand pose library with 10 different hand poses and the ability to save your scenes.

JustSketchMe Dark Mode with Options Panel Shown

Not only are these poseable models great as a reference for creating other characters, they’re also a great tool for scale in product development and a quick method to build out a library of human models in different poses.

You can start posing your own characters at justsketch.me and, if you’d like to opt for the upgrade, it’s available through the JustSketchMe gumroad store. It’s extremely easy to use but they also have a series of video tutorials as well.


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