Yeah, you spend your days modeling food dispersal system for fish hatcheries, but your evening activities tell a different story. Let’s just say people should think twice before challenging you to 5-day Mario Kart Marathon.

Perhaps, as you’ve sat in silence waiting for the next installment of the Halo series to come out, you’ve wondered how you could bring 3D models from a 3D CAD program to a game program. No? Well, you should have wondered, because it’s possible. You’ll use a free program called 3DVia Studio to get it done.

Here’s the video which shows how you would go about doing it using a model from SolidWorks. But, it could be done with any 3D modeling program.

Do you remember the Billions game? That’s just one example of what can be created with 3DVia Studio.

You can download 3DVia Studio for free, along with massive quantities of downloads, tutorials and sample projects, at the 3DVia Studio website.


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