It’s grueling isn’t it? Every time you turn your Droid on and start nub flickin’ the screen through your favorite apps, there’s that special one always missing. That app which allows you to create abstract art of yourself standing next to a glimmering pond holding 50 pounds of ground meat in one hand and a carnivorous baby giraffe in the other…

NO MORE! That app, Sketchbook Mobile, is now available to download for your paintbrush poking enjoyment.

Sketchbook Mobile for Android

Sketchbook Mobile, the popular iPhone and iPad app, is now available for Android. It comes in two flavors Sketchbook Express (Free) and Sketchbook Mobile ($2.99). There’s an introductory price of .99 for the full version. Get it while it’s hot.

Sketchbook Hero Contest

7 finalist from 7 countries have been announced. You can view their graphics at and vote for your favorite. The winner will have his image displayed as the next Sketchbook Mobile splash screen. Here’s my favorite… New Toy by Mathieu Reynès.

More inspiration on the Sketchbook Mobile Flicker group

post image: Stefan Marjoram via Flickr


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