As if it even needs to be said to the many thousands of designers and engineers that read SolidSmack every day, the best way to learn just about new skill is through project-based learning—AKA gettin’ your hands dirty.

And while we all clamor for a just a few extra minutes in the day to pursue that side hobby or learn a new skill, it can be challenging to do so without some structural foundation in place. Which is one reason why we love the Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Bootcamp.

Designed to be a comprehensive and structured introduction to the Raspberry Pi platform, the 2-hour course is catered for different ages and skill levels to get anybody up to speed with Raspberry Pi, fast. After learning how to build a gaming system to play old Nintendo, Sega, and PlayStation video games, users will progress to developing a personal digital assistant using the Google Assistant API. Throw in some CAD and some 3D printing to build a custom housing, and you have yourself a full and satisfying weekend project.

Or…go all out and build a freakin’ Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror:

YouTube video

The Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Bootcamp – $100 $15 (85% Off)

Topics covered include:

  • Access 50 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand all the components needed to get your Raspberry Pi up & running
  • Learn how to easily prepare an SD card & flash it for any OS
  • Work w/ GPIO pins & learn how to programmatically control them w/ Python
  • Build simple circuits w/ an LED & a fully function gaming system w/ RetroPie
  • Discuss the different types of Raspberry Pi models


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