It’s no secret that we’re big fans of industrial designer Spencer Nugent around here. The designer, who is well-known for his highly communicative design sketching abilities, is also the founder of ID Sketching; one of the best resources for industrial design sketching online.

More recently, Nugent has been publishing his industrial design sketching tutorials directly to his personal YouTube Channel. The channel, which features videos on everything from how to sketch primitive forms to more complex transportation design concepts, has raked in over 1 million views over the past few years.

For one of his latest videos however, Nugent foregoes teaching viewers how to sketch a single particular object and goes straight to the source with “How to Draw Anything”.

Starting with a basic rundown of how he approaches a sketch before putting pen to paper (whether simple or complex), Nugent gives us a stellar demonstration of how to quickly get those ideas out and onto paper as quickly and efficiently as possible:

YouTube video

Be sure to check out the rest of Nugent’s videos over at his YouTube channel.


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