mousex.jpgOK, here’s one for ya. Imagine, ok, just for a sec, gliding your mouse…yeah… instead of dragging it…I can tell you’re shocked and amazed. Supposedly there’s a difference, and MousEX has defined it.

Available now, in one flat and carpel-tunnel free flavor, is the mouse extension MousEX Glider.

It not only acts as a mouse, but extend the functionality with eight bi-programmable buttons.

I can see how this would be more comfortable. Try putting your hand flat on your desk as opposed to resting on your palm with your mouse. comfy huh? And the pad is felt for extra comfort and absorbency. They are even planning one specifically for the 3DConnexion Space Navigator as well as some other popular mouse-like instruments of productivity.

So, instead of making something that looks like it with carpet scraps and a 1978 Commodore calculator, go buy yourself one for $29.99.

Via Engadget


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