Close your eyes. Imagine sending a plain ol’ PDF to someone. Ok, now imagine sending a 3D PDF… got that?

Now, picture being slapped out of your daze by the Adobe Acrobat development team and having the ability to send someone all your project files in a single PDF, upload, share and discuss it with others in real-time and create other documents in a Flash-based environment. Yeah, the shock is almost to much to take. Hold your excitement and check out the juicy details.

Today, Adobe Acrobat launched and released the new line of Acrobat 9 products. This completes the move of Adobe’s major applications to the web and polishes up the 3D goodness introduced with Version 8. Let’s take a look. – Flash-based bliss to create documents, share files and meet online takes Abobe Buzzword (online word processing), Adobe Share (online file sharing) and Adobe Brio (online meeting) and combines them into a central location to organize your workflow. This is really set up to compete with everything from Google Docs to GoTo Meeting.

No doubt it will.

Sending attachments via email becomes a second thought with your new ability to instantly share and interact online via the ConnectNow interface. Speaking of the interface, it’s incredibly slick and laid out beautifully. It uses Flash 9 and each environment is very responsive and simple to use. Creating a PDF is straight-forward. Select a file and it sucks it right in.

You get a hefty 5GB to store file on and set if you want access to your files restricted. Additionally, you can download the Air App that allows you access publish, browse and share file to from your computer.

Share with others
The PDF below is embedded directly from I can also restrict the viewing of it or let you know it’s available via email.

Buzzword Online Word Processor

Acrobat 9 – New 3D Features, Portfolios, Review and Security

Acrobat 9 bring in a slew of new 3D features and PDF functionality. The trial will be up soon and the product will be available in July.

I’ve only had a brief overview of all the feature and will be putting up more details. Here’s some quick point you’ll like that I’ll go into when I get my hands on a copy.

  • Custom template in 3D PDF’s for graphical product and/or company information.
  • GD&T and dimension data can be saved with the 3D views.
  • PDFPortfolios to embed files into a single PDF and export files from the PDF.
  • Commenting and review features are linked to the 3D views in the model view.
  • Rights Management enhanced with real-time permissions
  • All review options come standard now in Acrobat Reader

Here’s some more detail on features along with new CAD version support and prices for the 3 versions.


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