Sometimes it takes a little while to get a blog post up. Franco Folini from the NovEdge Blog last posted on December 17th, 2007. Ya see, he’s been busy… creating THE MOTHER OF ALL CAD DIRECTORIES


I’m sure he’s tired, passed out on the floor, waiting for you to tell him to stop groveling and get back to postin’ the interviews with interesting people. I hope he does also and throws in some other posts with his own opinions about this craziness.

While you’re waiting though, check out the new NovEdge Pulse, you’ll be able to put some faces to the names and blogs. These are the one’s I read that had photos associated with them… yes I listed mine first. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m actually not that pensive looking in real life… I was concerned about some children being tortured by a squirrel in a nearby tree.

UPDATE: Franco was instantly inspired by this post and created a page that has photos of ALL the bloggers. Check out the Blogger Directory.

Josh Mings –

Ricky Jordan – Ricky Jordan’s Blog

Jeff Cope – Extensible by Design

Rob Rodriguez – Rob Rodriguez Blog

Gabi Jack – Gabi Jack’s Blog

Mike Puckett – Mike’s CAD Blog

Matt Lorono – SolidWorks Legion

Brian McElyea – CADFanatic

Anna Wood – SolidMuse

Matt Lombard – Matt Writes

Jason Raak – Rocksolid Perspective

Devon Sowell – Devon Sowell’s Blog

Richard Doyle – SolidWorks Community Blog

Franco Folini – NovEdge Blog

Thomas Parel – Parel’s Design Blog

Doug Halliday – Adobe PLM Blog

Robin Capper – RobiNZ CAD Blog

Jimmy Bergmark – JTB World

Lynn Allen – Lynn Allen’s Blog

Andrew De Leon – Drawing the Machine

Caleb Funk – Manufacturing Solutions at Imaginit

Chris Kelly –

Ralph Grabowski – WorldCAD Blog

Derrek Cooper – The Virtual Engineer

Evan Yares – The CAD Industry

Joel Orr – Joel Orr’s Blog

Donnie Gladfelter – The CAD Geek

Deelip Menezes – Deelip Menezes’ Blog

Randall Newton – 3D CAD News

Via Chris Kelly’s rockin’ blog


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