Not every person is born a writer. Just as well, not everyone can sing, paint, or excel in sports. Yet, writing is a talent that can be learned and trained, but it takes time and effort.

Most students are not big fans of academic writing. However, professors love writing assignments as they allow them to assess student knowledge, as well as their ability to communicate and express ideas on paper.

That’s why the number of essays due in one week impacts students’ choice of majors. For example, before selecting a business, law, or nursing program, they normally check if they have to write a lot and also if they can get timely help. There is no problem in finding nursing essay writing services – or any other help – but it adds to students’ overall burden. 

At the same time, it lets them pursue their dream. Thus, our goal is to make writing easier regardless of students’ major. So, we decided to come up with a guide on how you can make essay writing a more pleasant activity.

Get Essay Writing Help

Obviously, the first rule for every student should be the following: Do not stress out; there is no dead-end situation. You can always get professional help, and your essay will be written within a reasonable time.

What’s required from you is to provide detailed instructions and be responsible for your choice of an essay writing partner. We highly recommend reading essayhub reviews on NoCramming to ensure you choose the right company. The quality of your paper depends on it.

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You can get better at writing by learning a few practical tips, too.

If you want to make essay writing easier, start reading. Whatever you read enriches your vocabulary and helps you in essay creation. Of course, if you want to learn the academic side of writing, you have to read journals and scientific articles.

However, if you are a bookworm who loves nonfiction or fantasy, you can read this too, and it will still be helpful.

Get Organized

Academic essay writing is all about rules. That means it requires you to be organized to get high grades. Thus, be sure you plan – hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. The better you know your timelines, the more organized you are.

Creating an essay outline before you get to writing is also an element of planning. You need to know what you will cover in your essay for it to read smoothly. An outline also helps in organizing your essay.

Check the Instructions Early

Don’t postpone reading all the professor’s instructions until the last day. You need to know what’s expected from you. The earlier, the better. Otherwise, you may end up being completely surprised that instead of just two-three pages, you have to write an essay of 2,500 words.

Every essay is to answer a question, and instructions help you understand the things you need to convey in your response. Also, instructions are often the key to successful writing. You just need to understand what is expected from you and provide your professor with the requested information and evidence.

Take Notes

Before you even get to writing, start thinking of the assignment. Plan all those things you want to mention and take notes of your ideas. Unfortunately, what seems genius to you today may be easily forgotten tomorrow if you don’t record your thoughts.

Luckily, you don’t have to walk around with a pen and a notebook 24/7. You can use your smartphone to record your ideas verbally and in writing. This will help you control essay writing and make it easier.

Practice Freewriting

If academic writing, with all its rules and requirements, makes you faint, you must develop a strategy to help you eliminate this stress. The best way to make academic writing more manageable is to practice freewriting before following all these formalities.

Of course, you still need to have an outline and follow it. However, you don’t have to wrap your writing into an academically acceptable format. Firstly, create the content. Secondly, format it according to all rules and norms. Splitting these two processes is much easier than doing both simultaneously.

Research Your Topic

To succeed in writing long essays, you need to make sure you learn something new about your topic every day. You must keep your interest in the subject of research to be able to write with enthusiasm.

The more you study, the more novelty you can bring to your essay. So, ask questions and read articles to make your essay worth reading and easy to write.


Essay writing can’t really be a piece of cake. It requires time and effort to first study the topic and then translates it into a meaningful message. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult either.

Hopefully, a few tips listed above will help you enjoy the process of writing while getting fairly rewarded for your efforts.