Specking out a new fixed or mobile workstation for your CAD work can be a challenge. First, you need to identify the type of work where you really spend most of your time. For example, do you model simple parts, complex assemblies, or both? Do you do first-pass or complex FEA or structural dynamics analyses?

And how about your visualization needs: Do you do simple renderings once in a while or complex renderings ready for client reviews or marketing brochures?

Next, you need to map your usage requirements to the right workstation components. This means that you face a variety of choices — processor type and speed, number of processor cores, GPUs (graphic processing units), storage space, memory, and so on — choices that you might not be all that sure about. So, how do you know what’s the best workstation for you?

One place you can go for help is a new website called Best for CAD. A joint effort of Dell and NVIDIA, Best for CAD maps engineering jobs to both fixed and mobile workstations. Complete specifications are provided for recommended configuration, and a dedicated video library explains some of the key technical capabilities off the workstations. Click to go to the Best for CAD website.