With the world of sports betting becoming more and more prevalent, there are a bunch of sports betting apps finding their way into circulation that is for experts and some that will help you become a better bettor. Today, we are going to discuss a few sports betting apps you should download and explain how they will help you out. This is not going to include sportsbooks as there are a lot of factors, including availability in certain states, so they will be excluded from this list. 

The NHL Playoffs are going on right now, and we can make some solid bets, including looking at the Stanley Cup odds and getting good value on it. 

Chalkboard Sports Group Chat

Are you new to betting on sports and don’t know exactly what you are doing? Well, Chalkboard Sports Group Chat is a good way to get going. It will help you decide which games you want to bet on as people communicate together and essentially become a group betting public to help one another be successful. 

You can track all your bets in the app itself to keep your record, so you are taking some advice from people that are successful. It’s a free app that really helps bettors get in control of what they are doing and essentially learn the ropes and develop strategies from winning sports bettors with results to back them up. 

Action Network Sports Betting

This is a must-have app for any sports bettor as they give you everything under a singular app as they provide you scores and odds that you can wager on (but we are avoiding that part of the app). You can follow some of the people doing successfully in the betting world in the community and track their picks as betting experts are giving you their picks as well. This app provides betting guides for every game that shows you stats, trends, and injuries heading into the game. 

One of my favorite things is the stories included on the app, as that showcases everything you would need to know heading into selecting which wager you are going to make. The more information you have available to you, the better bettor you will become, and the Action Network does an outstanding job of providing you with all the information in one hub. 


SportsLine is similar to what Action Network has as they have all the information you need to determine your wagers at your fingertips. They have a brand new forecast page where it informs you of line movements from what it was to what the odds currently are telling us. They also inform us what important news and topics are available as anything from Daily Fantasy sports to a comprehensive betting guide.

The fact that they cover daily fantasy sports as well is why I really enjoy their content, as that seems to be a side of sports betting that is isolated instead of grouped into the sports betting universe. SportsLine makes it feel like a one-stop source for all sports betting adventures as you can see everything from daily fantasy to a full season fantasy to regular sports betting. The thing with having all three facets makes it appealing to all different types, and when you are beginning, it is important to find what will work best for you. 


There are a bunch more sports betting apps to get you into the swing of how sports betting works, but this is a little bit of an appetizer for you to find out exactly what you are looking for to supplement different sportsbooks since there are a bunch of different things that can alter one sportsbook from another that can be viewed as minuscule or even giant depending on the person. Make sure to have apps that can keep you informed of what is happening around your betting in order to make the best selection possible.