Tilting, he was a wobbly chap! His ears flopping with each hop. Why I recall the time he uproots an entire crabapple grove with one paw and the twitch of his bushy tail. Some say it was the hugs from a radioactive girl, others say a carrot from the nether reaches. I? Well I say it was these links.

Jakub Skop – A beautiful array of environments and inhabitants that border on surreal and leave you thinking.
Throw Clock – A clock classy enough to run in fullscreen mode as a screensaver. Made with Box2D with source available.
G.I.T.S. – Simply cool. The making of scenes from the classic Ghost in the Shell, a 3D artist collaboration. Process and look dev video near the end.
Brown moth – That’s actually a butterfly, shot three different ways sampled against the Blythwold Gardents of Bristol, RI.
Chity – Adorable or ADORABLE? The handmade knitted creations of toy designer and illutrator Chity Soy Yo.
Chocolate Legos – Two of the greatest things combined–Chocolate and Legos. Akihiro Mizuuchi makes it happen with precision molds and some interesting builds.
Power Test – A power test for your computer. A little bit complicated, so pay attention.
Pop Art Can Can – Some people smash aluminum cans against their heads, Japanese artist Makaon turns them into pop culture icons.
Your wish – Talisco gets you out the door. Go.


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