The sieve was its arm, four of them, paws more like, scrapping splinters from the hall floor as it dragged itself toward us. Some would give up as this point. We… well, we had two sacks of pears that would reveal otherwise. Two sacks of pears coated in the fortified extract of these links.

Steve Shi – Truly beautiful scenes of hazy, dry lands and forgotten realms with the creatures and characters that exist therein.
Walking city – It’s nearly eight minutes of a walking architectural being transformed by the beat as it meanders down the street. It’s Universal everything.
Ink & Water – Alberto Seveso enjoys working with these mediums as you’ll see here, then combining them with portraits of various people and items.
1924 & 2014 – London in yesteryear and this year. Harry B. Parkinson and Frank Miller’s short films over the lens of today.
Traité des couleurs РErik Kwakkel shares his finding of a 17th century, 800 page book that provides an unusual peek in painters and illustrators of the age.
Class-B – Either he’s a really good skateboarder or urban robot sentinels are incredibly bad shots. You have 2 minutes 54 seconds remaining. Good luck.
Typographic characters – Love this art from Pete Ware that captures the essence of movie characters through typography. Captain Reynolds is best.
We behavin’ bad – This is Major Lazer doing his thing to Aerosol Can, featuring Pharrell Williams. Warning: Explicit lyrics.


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