The chalk dust sank in the orbit of a damp atmosphere. No where had we been able to wet the ear furs so quickly, picking up sounds so subtle that a dead, floating insect would disintegrate against the vibrations. There was only one item that could cause this chaos, and we found it coated there in five layers of the dust, veined with these links.

Maksymilian Novak-Zempliński – A delightful array of surreal landscapes, especially if you like images of stone and vast cloudy skies.

Dungeons of the Endless – Why does this have to be so fun. Explore “an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events.”

Birds on a wire – Jarbas Agnelli had the bright idea to put birds sitting on some wires to music. Could be photoshopped but sure sounds pretty. Via.

Skyscraper – Some people prefer the ground beneath their feet. Nik, he likes a wire, suspended between two skyscrapers. This is the interactive walkthrough.

Headless Horseman – As Glove and Boots show, turns out that the headless horseman is kinda annoying.

Elias Crespin – Take some time to go through his works and admire the kinetic bliss that is various items dancing in mid air.

I Won’t Let You Down – It’s true. OK GO does not dissappoint with their new video.

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