What’s the rhino doing in the soap bottle? You would have asked it, yet stranger still was its size. A wee rhino. In a soap bottle. Sudsing about. And it occurs to you, that the muffled melody you hear is coming from that place, a rhino in a bottle with these links to pass the day.

Charlie Immer – Somewhat colorful, somewhat gortesque, but nonetheless ‘buttery bloody goodness dripping and floating through the foliage’ amongst other delights.
Life Hacks – 10 life hacks from 100 years ago, that could be just as helpful today, like how to stop a mad dog or rig a water filter.
The Expert – We’ve all been in these meetings. There are likely a few thousand of them going on right now. Fortunately, there are experts who can do anything.
Famous people hate me – Jim. Ugh, that guy. Famous people hate him, probably because, by doing this, he is gaining more notoriety than they.
Artic in Pink – Gotta love some Kodak Aerochrome 120. Daniel Zvereff hits the icy landscape with a pack and brings back amazing imagery.
Bibo – The wallpaper is nice, but the story of an ice cream selling robot is even more profound.
New York Storefronts – Yes, more photography. What it looked like then, and what it looks like now. The year gone by in New York City.
The Tempest – New video for Throwing Snow, aka Ross Tones, with just the right amount of rich repetition, cymbals slaps, dry beats and an ethereal sound to slip into the weekend unscathed.


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