Sometime when you’re scrubbing the back of a venomous, speckle-throated platypus, you’ll notice its legs start to contract until the entire animal is a perfectly spherical fur ball with a bill. This is when you tap the bill twice, then open it to reveal these links.

Aldo Katayanagi – Somewhat dark, somewhat colorful, somewhat brooding, completely awesome. A style all his own with most recent work incorporating the use of 3D modeling.
Step Sequencer – It’s kinda like that game where people compete at dancing, except it’s in a museum and called an interactive art installation.
Waterslide – Just what you would think–photos of different people shooting out the end of a waterslide.
Rocksmith – Perhaps the only time you’ll see Slayer played with a cute smile and a baby sister with vox like Tom Araya.
Soldier inventories – Select ‘Soldier Inventories’ from the right sidebar. A grouping of weapons and armor from 1066 – 2014.
Fermentation time-lapse – Beer… is a living thing. Sierra Nevada shows the six day process of making the Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale.
The Principles of Aerodynamics – A new solo exhibit by Daniel Agdag with incredibly details carboard sculptures escaping ‘through the metaphor of flight.’
BZRK – Out this week, the new Family Force Five. All the 808’s don’t need the heartbreaks, indeed.

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