When the bowls fell against the ground, the silence shattered, the kicks flew and spatters of oatmeal hit those in the blast radius. Any area of exposed skin was… well, let’s just say these oats were more like oat shards, or awesome shards, because we all know to make oats awesome, all it takes is 5 ounces of elbow skin and two punches from these links.

Aaron Campbell – A wide range of illustrative style, but the best are the visceral, dream-like scenes of oozing clouds and blending colors.

Arrow Trick Shots – I don’t know. I guess these guys are pretty good, but they should have done it all from the back of galloping horse.

Singing Comet – That comet we landed on this week? Turns out it has it’s own low frequency oscillations that, when adjusted for the human ear, sound like a “percussive purring,” or the Yautja from Predator.

Rosetta – And we can’t leave out some spectacular imagery from the Rosetta spacecraft, capturing the comet in all sorts of awkward, hurtling through space positions.

Magnetic driftwood – It’s time to start making that gift list. I’m adding this one to it. Actually I’m adding a slab of wood, magnets and a drill bit. Buy here in case you don’t want to make it.

Shore – A great Wordpress theme with so many options it can’t be good for you.

United Strands – Clothing and prints of geometric shapes and such. Quite the visually appealing set of screen-printed tees, I must say.

Jawbreaker – “One. Two. Three. Four. Whose punk, what’s the score.” The official music video of Boxcar is up, featuring unprocessed Super 8 film cartridge of footage shot in 1992.

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