Round the wheel went. All of us, inside the hub. Small as mice, but large as men, if we were men, but we were but newts, bandaged and scraped from the wars. This, our current mode of travel, took us far, far to the outer shell of the river banks, the mossy coast, to defend the colonies against the onslaught of these links.

Tyson Murphy – I love the warmth and wonder Murph brings to a scene. The Disney paint exercises are particularly interesting.
Master Yoda – Yoda. Turns out he has the perfect bits of grunts and wisdom to throw into a trip hop mix, as the Eclectic Method show so well in their latest video.
Action Movie Kid – If you have a son and you’re a visual fx artist with Dreamworks, you would probably want to mix the two.
Centered – Wes Anderson films are not only memorable for their colorful characters and settings, but also for the brilliantly simple cinematography.
Hoffman – Learn piano? Sure, why not. This is the place to do it. 3 units, 60 lessons, all free.
Freebies – Loads and loads of web design resources, from themes and typeface to preloaders and menus. Thanks Rod.
Brackets – And one not in the mix above, but an absolute must have. An open-source text editor for coding. Even has a live preview. Thanks Adam.
Riptide – Some poppy, good newness from Vance Joy, likely to pretend you’re strumming a banjo or at least make you clap.
Patatap – I’ll leave you with this, as it’s likely to be the most fun you have for the next several hours or through the weekend. Tip: Type your name over and over again.


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