Crooked fence posts propped up its torso and surly demeanor, clanking a grin as spindles and pumps whirred beneath the translucent neck skin. A movement would send tremors, with keg like mechanisms hitting the ground and spreading light from the cracks of these links.

Ivan Smirnov – Super playful, colorful scenes full of all sorts of interesting characters, robots, ships, subs, vehicles and aircraft.

Hot Wheels Roadtrip – This is all kinds of brilliant and so well executed. A GoPro Hero4 Session strapped to the top of a Hot Wheels car.

Make it Stranger – Enjoy the Stranger Things series? Well, you’ll enjoy this site to make your own Stranger Things logo with the beautiful Benguiat typeface.

Kitten Wedding – There’s nothing like seeing the odd sculptures of an eccentric taxidermist up close. You’ll want to see more photos of his work too.

Parisian Floors – Photgrapher Sebastian Frras likes to travel and likes to take photos of strange and wonderful floors. Over 400 more on the Parisianfloors Instagram.

Destino – Did you know about this? In 1945 Walt Disney and Salvador Dali collaborated on an amazing shortfilm that melds the two styles together perfectly.

Spaceplan – is ‘an incrementally themed experimental piece of interaction based partly on Jake Hollands’ total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.’ Thanks Ian.

Fav Deals This Week!
Deals to good to pass up for this week–That GoPro in the video above, Sugru, a sweet LED desk lamp, a must have battery case and awesome deal on a camera drone!
GoPro Hero4 Session ($199)
Sugru Moldable Glue (36% Off)
LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp (62% Off)
Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case (50% Off)
Voyager Drone with HD Camera (50% Off)

Way Down We Go – The Icelandic group has a debut album and a debut song. This is the video. Or watch the one where they play the song Þríhnúkagígur volcano.


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