It rains, and the thunder collapses. Wiry threads of grass, crumple across its back, small actuators and the glow from multiple lenses glistening with the light of dawn. They use to be covered in fur, whiskers twitching, but… well, they learned, adapted, changed their paws, their bodies, their eyes, waiting for something to pass by, to devour these links.

Yuta Onoda – Mesmerizing, isn’t the word, but it will do for now. Color and expression that pop you in the face repeatedly.

Westerado – Feel like playing an 8-bit western game, hunting down the varmits who killed your family, shooting anyone in your way? This is the game.

Geometric Glass – Niyoko Ikuta creates these incredible sculptures using thin sheets of glass. I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

Isotope3 – An interactive spirograph kinda thing. You can’t record it, but you can turn on some ambient music and let it run.

Airport shuffle – What Kevin Huynh does at the Denver airport when bored.

Meccano Home – Grab your wrench. The makers of building sets for kids also have furniture sets for adults. Chairs, benches, tables and more.

Hubble fly-through – The most incredible Hubble Space Telescope fly-through yet. This one of nebula Gum 29 with the star cluster Westerlund 2.

All the Way – Madus gets kidnapped, gets random and gets chased in their new video from their new EP coming out soon.

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