The branch of the tree twisted down to the trunk. Grooved deeply and large enough the three of us could walk side by side. If it hadn’t appeared we might think the quakes surfacing it from the forest floor from another source, but it was all to apparent, the cause, was these links.

Robert Chew – His mechanical animals of sub-Saharan Africa are possibly the coolest cyborg Mamalia ever–a series of drone and reconnaissance bots to bring awareness to poaching.
Schwarma master – This just goes to show you that there’s someone serving schwarma on the street who can handle a spatula and schwarma ingredients better than you can.
Peopletoo – The papercraft artistry of Alexej Lyapunov and Lena Erlich, from cases and cards to houses and vehicles, the detail is amazing.
15 ZBrush tips – If you use it, you know it’s power. But how do you make sculpts even more lifelike. These tips will give you the edge.
Air vs Water – The new Air and Water prints from DKNG design group bring the minimal, highly geometric graphics of weapons to your wall. Their other work isn’t too shabby either.
Cutie and the Boxer – Quite the beautiful slow-mo splash and paint capture from NOWNESS.


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