There are those last few steps the closer you get to the edge. They are the steps where you have to summon all your power, the steps where time slows for a bit, the camera pans around you, sound expands and the glint of the sun catches the edge of your sunglasses just before you kick the melon out of these links.

Ha Ko – I’m a pushover for cool world map and game world visuals. Ha Ko seems to be starting out, but gives us a small taste of hopefully many, many more.

Waito – Carly Waito created these fabulous geology and geometry inspired oil painting–yes, oil paintings–that look more like incredibly detailed macro shots of semi-precious stones.

Winter – And on the topic of incredible, Xavier Casalta created this piece as part of his four seasons series. It contains approximately 8 million dots and took 400 hours to ink.

3D Projected Eyeballs – I’m glad 25-year old Norwegian artist Mats Skjævesland Vium has nothing better to do than creating this 3D installation in Oslo, Norway shop window.

Paperboyo – Rich McCor knows how to cut a piece of paper… cut it, then turn objects in a photograph into even more interesting objects.

Ghost in the Shell EC – First 5-minutes extended clip of Ghost in the Shell, out in theaters soon.

Squatty Potty – If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this yet. Best poop of your life.

Saturnz Barz – Gorillaz debut a new album with this cool 360 video. View it on mobile, watch in VR ir move around with your mouse.

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