Built on their foreheads, we travelled far and the days we’re indistinguishable. A golem? Yes. A rabbit? Of course. You couldn’t expect such a creature to stay dormant forever. Their size and a step will keep them moving for years, always, endlessly, in search of these links.

Markus Lenz – Markus has a particular style that is all sorts of awesome, from thick lines to chunky colors and loads of detail in between.

Pencils Up – Ever hear the story of the pencil. This is it. Well, one of them. Mary Norris writes on the late, great Eberhard Faber.

Longboard – Hyo Joo Ko loves her longboard. This is her dancing on it like it’s nobody’s business.

Bob Ross Lipsum – Don’t settle for plain old lorem ipsum. Especially when you can Bob Ross your lorem ipsum. All kinds of happy little splashes.

Windows 30 – Windows is officially 30 years old. That makes you… well, here’s a visual history starting with the very first Windows 1.0 way back in 1985–such a good year.

Correlating – Random correlations between seemingly unrelated things. You know, like people who enjoy a new car smell and those who find fishing on a boat enjoyable.

Planet View – Enjoy Desitny? Then you’ll enjoy this interactive tour of the planets. Ah, I see you’re unarmed. Good luck with that.

Singing Canary – There are GIFs and then there are Hyper Active Collages. These are those, created by digital artist Matthieu Bourel.

Make This Leap – From their 2014 debut album, Those Younger Days, the seven brothers and sisters bring the lyric and harmonies like none other. Simply beautiful.


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