The papers clanged. But how? It was normal paper after all–white, some edges creased, even a coffee cup stain here and there. But they were different in the light. Silver they shown, and around their edges the glow of an aged cosmos burnt by the vacuum-cracking blast of a thousand bursting moons. No, this wasn’t ordinary paper. This had been touched by these links.

James Jean – Amazing work from James Jean, all of it making its beautiful way through your tear ducts and rattling your thoughts slightly.

Cubes – Wilfried Grootens has a thing for cubes. He also has particular talent for laminating painted glass slides into beautiful pieces of art.

Metroid: The Sky Calls – Wow. If you played Metroid or know what it is, you will love this Metroid fan film starring Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran. WOW.

Drama – Thank you internet archive. The 37 basic plots, according to Wycliff Aber Hill, a screenwriter of the silent-film era.

Darth – There’s nothing quite so cute as a seven year old Darth Vader playing his theme song on a Cello.

Wordseye – Interesting. Use text, stories really, to position 3d geometry in a scene. Interesting applications for working with 3D data.

Norway Space Travel – Remember that time we traveled to the distant planet of Norway and got that shot by the lake? Yes, yes I do.

Slowly Rising – New, official music video for BEATSOFREEN. Quite nice for a rainy day or just chilling.


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