It rolled under one, two, three of them. Shocked it broke their defense they waited. Just as they began to put their hands back on their swords, it popped up – a furious little beastie with a small sword of its own, sharpened to the hilt with these links.

Thomas Scholes – There’s something about his loose, blocky style and composite process that I just adore.

Accidental Wes Anderson – One of my favorite subreddits in forever. Real places that should be in Wes Anderson movies. As you can images, lots of odd symmetry and characters.

Sketch Swap – One designer does a line sketch, another colors it up. Ships, planes, mechs and more. Brilliant work from John Frye and friends.

Gummy Gas Crisis – Space gasman Ed must save the world. Reminiscent of a retro video game with the music and sound fx, but with a modern graphic approach.

The Codex Arundel – The notebook of Leonardo da Vinci, dating 1478 – 1518 is now online thanks to the British Library. Flip through the 500+ pages here.

Power Lines – Ever just look up at power lines and want to capture their beauty? Christopher does and he does it quite well.

Ottoman Bird Houses – If you put the time into building the structures the Ottoman empire did, you might as well through some bird houses into the mix.

Vintage Patterns – Remember going to the fabric shop and looking at pattern books with mom? This Wikia page now has thousands of pattern, 1992 and prior.

Deadcrush – Pulls you in, then gets your head bobbin’ with the hard beats and pitchy vox. New video from alt-J by Young Replicant, director Alex Takács.


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