There in the sky, a rail, no, two rails curling from the forest floor to the mass of vines that formed the shells of their upper backs. Stationary they grew atop the belly of the earth, constructing themselves of beast and bird, scraps of metal, bits of wood and one single viscid mass syncing their every sway with these links.

Jaime Jasso – Drop dead, gorgeous matte painting and even more brilliant concept work of ships, lands, cities, sea and sky.
Kwid – Your future car will likely come with a companion quadcoptor, to do your bidding, take care of annoying drivers and check for gridlock.
Dead End – Gore and awesome animation warning. A box captures the fascination of three people who will do anything to get it.
Artistic Poland – Photos of the land, the cities and more from photographer Michał Koralewski, showing both seasons and the colors of the country.
French New Wave – 105 posters from the 1960’s French Cinema.
39 day to Mars – A steampunk action adventuree platform that just reached its goal on Kickstarter. A must have for the art alone.
State of Mine – New video from Sebadoh, directed by Geoff Hoskinson. Goodtime guitar and snappy beat. You may start clapping your hands.


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