The land went on for miles, blocks upon blocks of earth, cobblestone and fire. But food… food was scarce. There were ways we could we could survive. To spare the unease of your conscience however, I will tell you only this. Rabbit stew is tastier with red mushroom and a side of these links.

Jakub Rozalski – Taking ‘happy little trees’ to the next level. Incredible painted concept art and illustration with loads of depth. Works from his personal historical/fiction project are a must see.

I’ve fallen! – Some seemingly escape the fate of the rotating bar, only to fall atop their flailing clone. Some get full on launched.

Design Gangs – You’ve probably been a part of one without knowing about it. If so, one of these may have been your cute little design gang logo.

One Summer Swell – This summer in Newport Beach, California there has been a unique summer swell. One that any surfer or bodysurfer would want to add to their list.

Super Movies – Just how many super hero movies are coming out over the next six years? 29 or so. Not counting a Toxic Avenger remake.

Age of Ultron – May 1st, 2015. Can’t get here soon enough for some. Until then, the latest trailer with creepy music and battle action galore should suffice.

MyBuild – A completely awesome 3d printed frame to build your own poseable LEGO robot. I can’t get the printer warmed up fast enough.

Chick Chick – Sure, why not.


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