There exists a hole that one may venture through, but finding it few have done. It’s only seen when water drips across the opening at half past the day of songs, but that day is unknown. The only ones who would know when it is and see the light pass through, would be the ones who grit their teeth and trim their nose hairs with the strands of these links.

Theo Prins – With a look that makes you wonder if 3D glasses are needed, Theo chops up the canvas with color and more detail than meets the eye.

Force Awakens Trailer #2 – Yeah, we had it in our cool tools of doom this week, but it’s that good.

BB-8 – And you just can’t miss the introduction of the adorable new Star Wars droid, BB-8, who turns out isn’t CG at all.

Poppin’ Jawbreaker – We don’t know why it’s fun to watch a red hot nickel ball melt through a massive jawbreaker, but it is.

RefreshBox – A new take on newsletters. Anyone can publish a newsletter and/or subscribe to specially curated ones as well.

Moments – New York City in slow motion and rich with emotion, a collaborative film from Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael.

Halo iPhoneHalo: Spartan Strike is now available on iTunes and also as a bundle with Halo: Spartan Assault. Yes, it’s also available for Windows Phone and on Steam.

True Survivor – First, we were given the glory that is Kung Fury. Now, we get to experience the title track by… wait for it… David Hasselhoff.

Sandwich Filed Guide – Who would have known there are so many varieties of American sandwiches. The NY Times put’s it all into perspective.

My Foolish Heart – Bill Evans plays it like none other with Bunker on drums and Israel on Bass.


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