Five straps past the port bow unlashed the mast, undoing the to latch to the hold. We had nine of them there, reprogrammed to fight with us, strewn together with our adversaries ancient magic, parts off the other ships, most of the missile batteries, and these links.

Col Price – Can’t get enough of Col’s ship concepts and style. New work from former Sony, EA and Evolution Art Director turned freelancer.

Chien-Chu Lee – Amazing “tips”… pencil tips to be precise. Carefully crafted pencil points. Art or sculpture?

Xavier Portela – Hong Kong is Pink. Or so it seems. The Glow project is the brainchild of Xavier as he explores Hong Kong through his lens of long exposures.

GIF-ITI – Hand-painted street art mural GIFs by U.K. graffiti artist INSA. Online meets offline.

Translucent Vision – The ethereal art of Florida-based artist Sean Mahan with a homage to youth and devices of yester-year.

3D Type – This year’s 36 Days of Type entry from BURO OFHO.

Observation – A new sci-fi thriller game from Devolver to find out what happen to Dr. Emma Fisher and crew. Buy here for $9.

Shores of Normandy – D-Day, the landing of Normandy, was June 6th, 1944. Jim Radford shares the song he wrote of the day, in a new video from the Normandy Memorial Trust to get the song to #1 on the charts.

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