The rocky steps sifted down the slope to the bottom of the falls. Blackrocks crossed beneath the fallen pineknob spires and all the seeds floated about like a spiny snow. We would have step carefully, watching for the glow to appear from any cracks that would form in the thin coating of these links.

Karl Sisson – Rocky outcroppings, massive machines, and vast galaxy exploration, with mouth-watering texture work and small surprises that sneak in the scale.

Markrokosmos – The Kinetic works of Mark Bischof.

Breath of the Wild – Nintendo reveal trailer of the latest Zelda game. Only on the Switch but boy is it stunning.

A Stack of Heads – Taiwanese artist Tung Ming-Chin creates wood sculptures that look like fabric stretched over faces and other objects.

Roulette LEGO – A LEGO Roulette table built by Berthil Van Beek. Yeah, we could play with this for a while.

Game Builder – Build and play games with your friends. A game-tool hybrid in early access to allow people to code and play games together.

Paper Heart – Her paper sculpts are often unique, but this series by Katrin Rodegast for ETH Zurich combines internal organs and paper maps.

Top 10 Movie Cars – Drivetribe takes a look at the best movie cars that aren’t the typical movie cars you would think of.

Smuggler to General – See Han Solo go from one to the other in this animated Star Wars short.

Let’s Get Lost – Yeah, it’s poppy. But it’s music by Blanks. The new single, as a matter of fact.

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