It met us against the sunrise, hands overturning pebbles on the edge of night. A roar to dine, a sword to bind, and seconds until the sun did shine. But wait! The bag, the mirror, the trail. Suddenly the sun broke the cloudy veil, stole the night, bent the gale and froze the troll in the midst of these links.

Luca Zampriolo – Be still my mech-lovin’ heart. This is the work and process of Mantova, Italy-based Concept Artist and Sculptor Luca.

There is but one question ultimately to be asked respecting every line you draw, Is it right or wrong? If right, it most assuredly is not a “free” line, but an intensely continent, restrained and considered line; and the action of the hand in laying it is just as decisive, and just as “free” as the hand of a first-rate surgeon in a critical incision.”

John Ruskin (Born Feb. 8, 1819) – Cestus of Aglaia, chapter VI, section 72

Slo-Mo Mag Fields – Magnetic Games shows you what your science teacher would never let you do with super strong magnets and a slo-mo camera.

La Havane – The Streets of Havana, Cuba photographed by Helene Havard, who set out to shoot the urban decay and captured something quite beautiful.

White Pages – Instagram follow of the week. Paola Grizi creates bronze sculptures of books and pages filled with faces.

Igpoty – The winners of the International Garden Photographer of the Year. Beautiful.

’69 Bronco – This truck. a 5.0-liter Coyote V8, 2.9-liter supercharger, 6-speed transmission on a 2.5″ lift.

Mixkit – Free HD videos. If you’ve ever needed free videos, this is the place to start.

Got To Keep On – New from the Chemical Brothers. It’s the Chemical Brothers. How weird could it get?

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