“What a large box of meats!” said I, hiding the pan of heated oil behind the swollen belly of a grossly oversized Patagonian Cavy. They looked at me puzzled, shimmying to the side, their feet stirring the dust, and quickly grabbing the buried cable to shield themselves with pulsating power of these links.

Joel Rae – A dose of the surreal this week, with paintings that capture the oddity of motion with characters in precarious situations.

Mario Myths – Do you think you know what Mario uses to break the bricks? That and other myths debunked by the creator, Mr. Miyamoto.

USSR Architecture – Architectural prints are a weakness of mine. These by Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin defy imagination in a former country draped by iron.

Illustricons – A fabulous set of icons with thick lines, muted colors, boxer shorts and tighty whities. Thanks Rod!

The Road Not Taken – Frost’s most famous work that is, in most cases, completely misunderstood. David Orr breaks it down.

2016 Color Report – What are the ‘in’ colors for 2016? With New York Fashion Week, Pantone released their picks for a rather pastely color palette. Ugh.

Movie Maps – Illustrator Andrew DeGraff’s 16 maps that track the storyline of movies like Star Wars, The Princess Bride, and Lord of the Rings. Process gifs as well.

To scale – “The only way to see a scale model of the solar system is to build one,” says Wylie Overstreet, who with a group of friends, set out to build the first scale model of the solar system.

Jony Ive’s Voice – This is absolutely useless, unless you’re in a design review or on a phone call with a client.

The Blowup – A mash-up of Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox and “The Blowup” by Blackalicious, created by Benjamin “Animal Robot” Robert.


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