Captured in the rain and looking toward the hill, we ran. The rumble of the swarm oscillated with the falling water to the point we couldn’t hear our own footsteps. It might as well have been the silence of white noise, and suddenly… it was. For out of the hill rose a beast with a roar that quieted all with these links.

Cedric Peyravernay – In love with the character art from Cedric Peyravernay. Rough, gritty concept style, with loads of layer and surreal details.

Holding an Explosion – There are potato cannons and then there is the transparent cannon Destin from Smarter Every Day made to observe what happens when it’s ignited.

Blackbird – Creative studio THE MILL has created the first fully adjustable car rig to create photoreal CG cars.

JAM – Zach Klein and team have done it again. The creators of, now have a site with online courses for kids.

Magnets and Marbles – So much fun to be had with magnetic spheres and wood blocks, metal dominos, pennies and marbles.

Japanese Matchbox Labels – Matchbox labels from Japan from 1920-1940. Many more interesting albums by Jane McDevitt as well.

Sentence Tree – Type a sentence in and see its grammatical structure broken down right before your eyes.

Can the Can – An impressive collection of lithographed seafood cans from Portugal.

Bonus! Awesome Deals
Anker Portable Charger – $21.99 (58% Off)
Fitbit Charge HR – $99.00 (23% Off)
Seagate 5TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive – $110 (35% Off)

You Bring the Summer – The Monkees. Remember those guys? Yeah, they’re still making music. And since this week was the first day of summer, this is the song.


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