Sauntering she stepped. The steel toed shift of air against steal echoed up through its structure. Side-stepping something that had tried before, she climbed, slow at first, then with speed, to kick through the membrane protecting these links.

Pablo Carpio – What starts as really loose sketches, ends up as floating vehicle concepts, beautiful mountainscapes and skyscapes.

Claeys – Like cars? How about hand drawn car art? Ok, how about some really good hand drawn car art? Claeys Jelle is the best.

Magritte – Love the animated Magritte image gifs created by artist Raphaëlle Martin. His other art isn’t so bad either.

Recycled Lamp – This cost €36.00, but it would cost you about nothing to make yourself. Grab some tools and turn it into a weekend project.

Step into the Page – Watch Glen Keane, renowned Disney animator, draw using VR to bring his characters to life.

Pinky and the Brain – It’s the 20th Anniversary of the mouse duo bent on taking over the world. This is a mash up of what they’re pondering. All 85.

Poop fiction – A site to help you find something to read whilst in the WC.

Smoke & Flame – You know, it’s refreshing to see people who really care about firewood and put so much work into their craft, like this Vancouver artisanal firewood company.

Tides – Interactive browser music video experience by Petit Sapin featuring Tides by Bronze Whale. Responds to the audio and mouse movement.


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