The metal shavers strolled to and fro, peeling layers, shaving sheets and shifting the metal shells of the outer planets. Their arms, battered and scarred from eons of metals shavings flying against them made their skin more armor-like, unable to be penetrated by the sharp shackles of these links.

Gao Zhimin – Delightfully dramatic and surreal lanscapes of asian countrysides and seas with a print and embroidered feel to them.

Mumu – This wooden toy playset design from Dualai Studio is simple and just about the cutest little wooden toy playset ever.

Blade Runner 2049 – The Official teaser trailer for the new Blade Runner 2049 movie starring Harrison Ford (yes!) and Ryan Gosling (Hey girl).

Lion Sculpture – Carved from a single tree by famed sculptor Dengding Rui Yao and a team of 20 sculptors in Myanmar over a period of three years.

Real-life Hobbit House – I want to live in this, or build it and then live in it. Full interior, bathroom and upstairs area too!

El Raco – When I get old, I’m just going to buy a huge estate and turn every room into a different place to make stuff too. Just like Catalan ceramicist and Miró collaborator Joan Gardy-Artigas did.

CGI Podcast – A new podcast interviewing and going behind the scenes and into the workflow of the best CGI creators in the business, with your host Will Gibbons.

Amazon Spheres – Inside the amazing, new spherical orbs of the Amazon facility in Seattle. It will house 400-plus species of plants and Amazon employees of course.

Shred – New video for Lektrique’s massive single. It has skateboarding.

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