Once the cups had been organized by color, we were able to jump between them, hiding within their colored glass shells, looking over the edges to see if they were coming. Worn and weary, night fell, the light of the moon scattering through the walls. There inside, waiting, we realized they were surrounding us the entire time, hidden by these links.

Andrew Porter – An array of style with particular beauty in sketch and quick concept.

Star Wars Closup – Uber-detailed close-up shots of Star Wars ships from the original trilogy.

Ghostbusters – The board game. Yes.

Jozin Z Bazin – A surreal tale of a mysterious man-eating monster living in the swamps. It makes more sense when you sing and dance along.

F the Lawn – Locolukas shows you just what can be done with a few raised beds, some compost and seeds. Make sure to view all images.

Carrot Clarinet – If you have a carrot (from your lawn garden), a funnel and a sax mouthpiece, you too can be a carrot clarinet savant.

$$$$$ – A really fun read on the origin of the dollar sign.

Mini Metal Foundry – Ultimate aluminum melting DIY. I remember doing this in a fire pit as a child. This is a sleeker process.

Innocent – Hundred Waters bring the chill, in more ways than one, with video directed by Jeremy Clapin.

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