The rows and stands were lined thick with flowered vines, a wind catching their petals from time to time. We would step slowly, but knew the rust on their belts would be heard well before they attacked. Still, we wrapped the bands tight and readied these links.

Braxxy – Crashed ships, alien landscapes and plenty of interplanetary adventures await you in the art of this Munich-based Concept Artist.

Muscle Up – Ooooo. The flight of the world’s smallest cinema drone at Muscle Beach. Before stabilization and outtake footage almost as good.

Vivaldi – The browser done right. Now I’m asking myself why I didn’t switch sooner. Uses fewer resources, has better tab management, better options and supports Google Chrome extensions. Version 1.1 just out.

Mira – A simple robot character from the mind of Pixar artist Alonso Martinez. See how it works on this Tested episode.

Pantone Spices – Bakonyi Peter takes on a packaging design matching the spice to Pantone style swatch packaging, including Pasley, Smoked Paprika and Himalayan Salt.

LEGO Fans – Some of those old LEGO films are painful to watch, but here’s how they shaped the latest, completely computer-generated, LEGO Movie and helped them avoid the same mistakes.

Fran Mart – Instagram account to follow this week. Fran Mart photographs the Scottish countryside and gets photos of animals their parents can’t even get.

Blacked Out – I love the Shelby 289 Cobra. This one though, this one is completely blacked out, signed by Carroll Shelby himself and up for auction. Photos by Darin Schnabel.

Woodswimmer – A mesmerizing music video made entirely of stop-motion wood slices by Brett Foxwell in collaboration with animator and musician, Bedtimes.


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