His face was bone, chiseled and knobby as a bald cypress root. The rain ran between the creases, with the eerie appearance it was pouring forth from his face itself, down onto the trench coat and pistols, all caught and painted in the flashes of light from these links.

The Dualyst – The artwork for the new digital tactical battlefield card game from Counterplay Games is simply magnificent. Game here.

Macro melt – Marco Room does what it does best, this time providing a satisfying look at objects melting.

Kosmosphaera – Giant glass marbles. Beautiful giant glass marbles. Works by Jodoc Elmiger and Valérie Jacquemet with glasswork done by Matteo Gonet.

Sprinter – How do you celebrate the 20th anniversary of a Mercedes van? With an incredible visualization workflow stitched into a commercial, of course.

Liquidity – Explosion of resin from Italian artist Annaluigia Boeretto, some with the appearance of water, others of flowers, all exceptional.

Shards – Another amazing sculptor, Israeli artist Zemer Peled, creates intricate botanical sculptures and other-worldly creations using ceramic shards.

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Massive Fraud – Stoked to see the latest work from an old friend. Directed/Edited by the Justin Wilson for the Denton, Texas based Riverboat Gamblers for their 7″/digital single series on End Sound.

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